About Me & Disclosure Statement

Hi there!  I see you have decided to peek at my About Me page.
My name is Laurelle, but I prefer to be called Relle as it solves all the Narelle, Janelle, Otherelle confusion!  I was born and raised in Australia, and reside in a semi-rural suburb of Townsville, North Queensland.  I have a local neighbourhood Manbeast, and two fur kids (although one of those kids is more an elderly gentlemen well into his twilight years).
I love nail polish, nail art, beauty/skincare products, entertainment and crafty type things. I’m a fan of social media, and have an avid interest in the Aussie Indie nail polish community.
My blog has been renamed, and can now be found at GaucheGal.com.  I have ported over all my content to the new site, and have set up redirections on my old posts. I’m not getting rid of the little LazyLacquerista just yet though, as I have grown quite attached to her.  
I would love it if you could swing by my new digs and like my new Facebook page for Gauche Gal.  


You can contact me by emailing lazylacquerista at gmail dot com.
My postal address is PO Box 1258, Hyde Park Castletown, Qld, 4812
I am happy to accept items for consideration, however will only review items that I feel are in line with the topics and interests shared on my blog, or that might be of interest to my readers.

Disclosure Statement